Bite Out

Last night Mister and I went out for a bite at the Orchard Tavern in Albany. As a place that has been there for over 100 years, they are a good, comfortable place for a Friday night.

We started by decimating a Cobb salad…sorry we couldn’t wait to take a pic.


Then pizza of course. They do a version that is all their own. It’s small, rectangular but not quite deep dish. It’s a crispy crust and generous toppings. We went with veggie to balance out the wings. (Yes we’re fat kids I know)



Barbecue wings, Mister’s preference. They definitely have a house made sauce, because it is a tangy mix total unlike the usual sticky sweet sauce most places toss out. These are crispy and saucy, without being the overgrown monstrosities that have become common. Perfection.

Then we got cake. Don’t judge, we didn’t finish the pizza or the wings. And we had a living social coupon!!

Salted caramel cake, not made in house but really really really good. Sweet, salty, dense without being heavy.


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