Soup–er Sunday

Best way to spend the rainy Sunday immediately following your return from a sunny vacation? Making tons and tons of soup.

I decided on two types: sausage/red potato/kale and a lemony-garlic chicken and vegetable. Both done in mega quantities and based on a handful if recipes.
Side note: thank you to ShopRite for making my groceries magically appear in my kitchen the afternoon I got home.

The first soup: sweet Italian sausage, chicken broth, kale, sliced red potatoes.
First I sliced about six red potatoes and tossed them in boiling water. I started off looking at a recipe that called for a dozen with only four cups of chicken broth; um, no thank you.


While those are boiling, brown up that (uncased/bulk) Italian sausage, attempt to crumble it as best you can. Toss in some minced garlic. Add chicken broth (it was more than a gallon of homemade broth from my freezer, I didn’t measure sorry). Then came my secret weapon: the old rind from a hunk of Parmesan cheese. YUM. This will flavor your broth so well.
I added some almond milk, because all the recipes call for cream or whole milk and I’m lactose intolerant in this apartment.

Let that cook for 30 mins or so, covered on low. Then add the potatoes back and the kale.

Cover and cook some more, then eat when you’re sick of waiting.

The vegetable and chicken soup was less complicated.
I drizzled oil in my giant pot, throw in garlic and whatever vegetables on hand. I used zucchini, carrots, frozen corn, and fresh baby spinach. Add lemon zest and juice. Let it simmer, covered, for as long as you want.

Add in some shredded chicken and eat.
I always cheat on this part, I use rotisserie chickens which you can buy on the cheap when they’re a day old and in the fridge section instead of hot. Then use the bones for your next batch of broth!

Freeze or refrigerate leftovers.

My plan is to portion out some of each and freeze, to be enjoyed on future rainy days.


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