Angelic Alfredo

I was determined to transform fettucini Alfredo into a lighter, healthier dish. And I pat myself on the back for a serious success.

I started with these (organic, happy) chicken breasts. Browned on both sides and then in the oven at 350° with a dash of Italian seasoning and paprika. I’ve gotten much better at timing, using the oven is part of that strategy!

20140310-204502.jpg In a separate pan brown up way too much pancetta. Once that’s crispy remove and let it crisp up on a paper towel. Snack a bit then proceed.

20140310-204704.jpg in that pancetta pan cook up as much minced up garlic as you would please.

20140310-204759.jpg once your kitchen smells like garlic and you’re drooling, add diced zucchini and peas. Cook that goodness until the zucchini is starting to soften. Now this is where the magic starts.
Add about a cup of chicken broth.

Remember that chicken in the oven? Pull it, chop it, and add it to the pan to finish cooking and absorb the goodness.

20140310-205055.jpg Now it all gets so good so fast.

20140310-205335.jpg Add plain Greek yogurt.

20140310-205404.jpg And Parmesan cheese.

20140310-205453.jpg Spinach seemed like a good idea at this point.

20140310-205528.jpg Meld it all together with lots of stirring, then plate over pasta. Top with pancetta.

It was cheesy, without being gloppy or heavy. Seriously delicious.

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