Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork with coleslaw and fresh bread

Total success.


Bone in pork butt + slow cooker.
Fat side up, covered with brown sugar, garlic, onion, paprika, cayenne.

Then go to work and come home to a great smelling apartment.
Pull the meat from the slow cooker, shred using all the utensils in your pantry, then return to the cooker and smother with your favorite BBQ sauce.


The coleslaw was the result of foraging in the fridge.
Finely chopped cabbage, red pepper, and carrot tossed with plain Greek yogurt, horseradish mayo, and a dash of blue cheese dressing.


So crunchy and a perfect pairing with the saucy sweet pork.

And the bread. This was the second attempt at my bread machine, the first one was miserable. I used this recipe. . For the flour I used half white, whole wheat and half bread flour. Instead of shortening I used coconut oil. Yum.

So soft and fluffy, with a nice crust. The hearty bread, smothered with BBQ goodness, and topped off with a spicy crunch.


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