Savory Suggestions

The following is a description of my dinner, which was rather good. But not great. It was missing something, that I can’t quite put my finger on.

I chopped up some cabbage.

20140210-205420.jpg. And red peppers (only ever bought when they go on sale)

The cabbage went in a hot pan of sesame oil and cider vinegar to soften up first. Once that’s in put some chicken in a pan, I used olive oil for these chicken tender sized pieces. I dashed some ginger, sesame seasoning I love at the moment and a drizzle of sesame oil before turning.

Multitask. While that chicken is working on its crispy coating, mix up a magic concoction of items found in the fridge. This time I went with pineapple pieces with a bit of juice, soy sauce, curry paste, and sriracha.

20140210-205942.jpg Add that unattractive sauce, the red peppers, and some bean sprouts to the pan of cabbage. I let it meld and bubble, then tossed it in a bowl.

The veggies had a great noodle like texture, and the chicken was great; but, it needed more spicy and maybe a crunchy something. Suggestions?

One thought on “Savory Suggestions

  1. I love peanuts with stir fry. I would also add onions – they add an additional savory note. Maybe fresh green onions at the end? That would add some spice and crunch.

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