Preparation Makes The Difference

How many times have you bought all the right things, planned out your meals and gotten really excited for the week only to come home tired on Monday and eat anything you can scavenge. Then Tuesday morning comes and you throw together lunch and your whole plan is already derailed.

I’ve done it a thousand times. Until I got in the habit of Sunday food prep.


Cut, dice, portion, pack everything all at once. Then you just mix and match containers throughout the week. So much easier, and really not much more effort. What else are you doing on a Sunday evening that’s so important?

Here’s what I’ve got this week:
1. Egg white and veggie omelets (containers of egg whites, containers of diced onions and peppers). In the morning spray a mug with cooking spray, toss one container of egg whites, one container of veggies in and microwave while you finish getting ready!

2. Taco salad (containers of portioned out, cooked and seasoned ground turkey, or your meat of choice, containers of chopped red pepper, chopped romaine, diced jalapeños, quartered tomatoes, and a Baggie of shredded carrots). The night before, pack all the salad ingredients, keeping the meat separate. At work, nuke the meat and add to salad. Perfect!

3. Snacks. It’s important to prepare your snacks ahead of time and portion them out, so they are easy and accessible. Some examples of my usual snacks are celery sticks, sliced peppers, grapefruit sections, grapes, popcorn, or nuts. Help yourself prevent over-eating!


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