Something New

This weeks trip to the grocery store was interesting. I’ve gotten in a good routine for breakfast and lunch, while trying to find new foods to cook for dinner.

At Hannaford I decided on fish. I talked to the guy behind the counter about wanting to try something I haven’t cooked before, but trying to keep a low budget. We decided on Catfish. Meaty, cheap, hard to mess up. I grabbed salmon for later in the week as well. Everyone deserves those weekly treats. I kept strolling the aisles and grabbed some red lentils. And they had a recipe on the bag!


I followed the recipe for the lentils pot was too small, there was too much liquid and it turned into mush. It was tasty, needed some salt, and was too mushy for me. I’d tweak the recipe a bit.
The fish was really easy, and really good. I doused it with a Cajun seasoning and cooked it in olive oil. Few minutes on each side, don’t undercook.



Then I added some broccoli for good measure.



2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Red lentils are easy to turn to mush – they are best for soup. Green french (puy) or brown lentils hold their shape better, if that’s what you’re going for.

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