Icy ingenuity

What do you do if you’re living alone, like to cook enough to feed an army, and trying to save money and time? You freeze things. A lot of things. Some things I like to portion out, but chicken broth is usually made gallons at a time and then frozen for the next snow day. How do you freeze that much and still have room in the freezer?

Here’s how:


Fill freezer safe ziplock bags, place those bags on a pan and pop the babies in your freezer. The pan that came with my toaster oven happens to be the exact dimensions of a gallon sized bag, FYI.

Once frozen remove from the pan and stack!



2 thoughts on “Icy ingenuity

  1. I condense my stock, cooking it down to about a quarter of its original volume. Then I freeze it in ice cube trays. A couple cubes makes a bowl of soup. One adds a hit of flavor and richness to a veggie braise. And you can make gravy to go with anything.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! In the summer I freeze broth in ice cube trays for my dogs (bulldogs get overheated easily so it tricks them into staying cool and hydrated) but condensing it for people’s use makes sense, will give it a try.

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