Perfect Parsnips

I don’t have a Trader Joe’s addiction. At least not yet. I just like to do all my grocery shopping at once and they offer a lot of good-for-you convenience.

I trust Mr. TJ’s. So I figured I would try parsnips when I saw them conveniently packaged:


A parsnip is like a carrot. At least it looks like one so I’m going to make that potentially bold assumption. There was a recipe on the back of the bag, and thank you Mr. TJ but we know how well I handle recipes. Seriously I swear I tried to follow it, and then veered wayyyyyy off out of impatience. Here is the recipe:

So I prepped them according to the recipe; peeled, chop.



Then lots of butter in the pan. Side note, I love butter. And my butter dish.

20140113-193528.jpg Then I followed the recipe up until the whole water and wait part. I suck at waiting. So I drained the water, added some olive oil, garlic ,Italian seasoning, salt, lemon juice, and then a ton more of each. Gah stupid recipes. Sautéed until delicious. Seriously, I don’t measure or time.

I popped a rotisserie chicken in the oven to keep warm during this whole process and prepped butternut squash for mashing. Just kidding, Mr. TJ prepped it for me. Great guy.

20140113-193954.jpg Popped that diced up goodness in a buttery pot, swirled it around until I felt like adding water and let it bubble away (covered) until fork tender.

Drain, add globs of plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, salt. Then attack that orange deliciousness with the immersion blender.

20140113-194243.jpg Then accidentally over blend and attempt to add pumpkin for a thickener. Gah to thick! Add almond milk. Boo too thin. Give up and spoon some onto the plate.


And there you have it, rotisserie chicken with parsnips and mashed butternut squash(with pumpkin). Mr.( not Mr. TJ, I’m not that lucky) approved of the “French fries” but the mash wasn’t sweet enough. Remedied by a drizzle of honey.
The ladies approved enthusiastically.




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