Caffeinated Work


What do you drink at work?
Hopefully everyone responds coffee, tea, water and not mimosa, beer, booze. Or I might have to rethink where this blog is going.

I find myself, especially in the winter, drinking a lot of coffee at work. It’s warming, it’s a nice little break. But is it a bad habit? Probably, considering I drunk from a ginormous mug. (Courtesy of Mom, last Valentine’s Day)

So I’m going to try to swap some for tea. Yea it still has some caffeine, I know, but not as much and it’s not so dehydrating. And this green tea chai smells delicious.


So, honestly, how much coffee do you drink everyday?


2 thoughts on “Caffeinated Work

  1. I switch between coffee and tea—more tea than coffee. When I drink coffee, it’s usually just one cup. But when I drink tea, I tend to drink several cups. I guess it’s because I have it in my head that tea is better for you than coffee (and I know it is the way I drink it because I like coffee drinks that are more like a little espresso in some chocolate than a plain cup of coffee). 🙂

    I heard an NPR story this morning about coffee that you might like:

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