Breakfast Nosh

Sometimes I can’t ignore my overwhelming craving for the salty goodness of lox, what Jewish girl from Westchester doesn’t? Sadly, no bagel from Albany is worth the carb overload so I’ve had to get creative.

This was a super simple dish with only a handful of ingredients.

The most insanely delicious smoked salmon from the Honest Weight Food Co-Op spiked this craving. I ate most of it as a snack while prepping this meal, and it was worth it.


I quickly sautéed some roughly chopped asparagus in olive oil and a dash of salt, then popped the bowl in the fridge to cool.


The rest is a love story: dice up hard boiled eggs (I used two for one serving), roughly chop the salmon into pieces and added both to the chilly asparagus, top with some capers, toss and enjoy.


I only recently discovered the insane goodness of capers, while on a cruise with my sister Rachel. She will verify that I smothered everything in them at any opportunity. For apparently no real reason I had always thought capers was another name for anchovy, which is why I was terrified of them. Funnily enough, I tried anchovies for the first time and loved every crunchy, salty bite. So much new briny love!



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